Handara Gate

Handara Gate is a lovely gate in the village of Pancasari, Sukasada, Buleleng, Bali, with a great perspective of the surrounding area. This location is famous with tourists visiting the north of Bali, and many visitors stop here solely to take photos at the Handara gate. Handara gate is incredibly famous for the beauty of the gate that appears to be very ancient and with a very natural forest background adding to the ancient impression and very appealing, and many tourists stop here only to snap photos with the background of the Balinese gate model that appears to be very ancient this. A sight to behold that genuinely thrills the eyes

Things To Know Before Visit Handara Gate

Handara is a tourist attraction for playing golf, where the gate to go to golf is very beautifully designed and familiar with typical Balinese carvings, while this gate is very high and has a perfect background for photography, many tourists stop here and capture the moment to take pictures and at upload on Instagram or other social media. Handara gate is a very famous gold playing vehicle which is located in this Bedugul area, in addition to playing golf here there is also a very beautiful resort with views of the Bedugul village which is still very natural with the beauty of its natural panorama. At Handara gate, precisely at the entrance, there is a gate that is designed with Balinese architecture which contains very detailed and beautiful Balinese carvings, and because this gate is so beautiful, tourists are often visited just to take pictures, even though they do not enter the resort. The scenery is very instagramable and looks like an ancient one that reads its own uniqueness that is liked by tourists

Handara Golf and Resort is something you should probably stop at, especially at this iconic gate, which is called the iconic gate which means the road to tranquility, If you are traveling or passing through the handara gate, it’s a pity if you don’t stop here to take photos because maybe you see a lot on Instagram where there are so many iconic photos of this Gandara gate, where this gate is very famous on Instagram with the design of the gate which is very thick with Balinese carvings and also the view of the Bedugul forest which is so green that will spoil your eyes to see it and will makes you feel very calm. No wonder it is called the path to serenity, where if you see it is indeed the path to serenity, it is like walking at the gate to the forest with a very natural view. Taking pictures here will create a very perfect image for your Instagram as well as a personal documentation that you must have

As for what you can do at handara gate when visiting it is to take pictures with the background of this ancient-looking gate. Where Handara Gate is a tourist destination to take pictures and also. In addition to tourists to take photos, this place is also often used as a prewedding of photos or films, because this place is perfectly used as a photo backdrop with a natural atmosphere and a towering gate, don’t miss your chance to stop here for a moment to take photos while your vacation on the island of Bali. This is not the Gate of Heaven, don’t be confused about this, because the gate of heaven is located in the eastern part of the island of Bali, precisely at Lempuyang Temple Bali . A very rare sensation where you take pictures with a gate filled with Balinese carvings that add to its unique impression and added with photo effects will make the photos here very beautiful

  1. Instagram Spot: As one of Instagram’s destinations with very iconic views, you can take pictures with the background of the gate dubbed the path of serenity, which as the name implies when we see this gate, the feeling of comfort will be very felt, with a hill background the greenery and the natural fog that is here adds to the impression of an ancient and very natural feel, a very impressive experience to take pictures at one of the very popular gates on the island of Bali
  2. Photo and Video Spot: Apart from being a very interesting place to take pictures with Instagram purposes lately, this place is also very often used as a photo spot for pre-wedding or a place to make short films, as for the photos and videos produced here very phenomenally beautiful, no wonder if the handara gate is never deserted by visitors who are curious about its beauty and also many foreign instagrams take time to take pictures at this handara gate
  3. Nature Views: Apart from being a place to take pictures, at handara gate you can also enjoy the natural beauty around it which is very beautiful, with trees around the gate being lush and clean asphalt roads, on the left and right there is green grass, adding to the beauty of the landscape. the impression is so very perfect, if you come here you can take a moment to admire the natural beauty that is around this handara gate, a sensation that is very extraordinarily comfortable
  4. Relax: Apart from being a photo spot and can also relax here while looking at the beauty of this handara gate and seeing the surrounding scenery which is still very natural, a very rare experience in spending time during holidays in Bali by relaxing at one of the gates very often once used as a photo object for photo hunters intended for Instagram or others purpose such as movie or tiktok video end etc. Relax in the open nature accompanied by the natural beauty of the handara gate which is so phenomenally beautiful

As for Instagram destinations, it is very important that the supporting facilities needed so that tourists are very comfortable to linger at the Iconic Handara Gate, as for the facilities available here such as parking lots, although not spacious but enough we can park on the side of the road, because of the location of the handara this gate is located on the main road so that the parking lot is on the side of the highway, besides that there are toilets around this area as well as several restaurants which are not far from the handara gate which is very iconic with the gate with ancient nuances and a very beautiful hill background. So if you visit Handara Gate, you don’t need to hesitate anymore about the facilities, they are very sufficient so that it will make tourists feel very comfortable taking pictures here, a very beautiful and meaningful experience in capturing the moment in one of the most iconic gates. once on the island of Bali

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