Sidemen Village

Sidemen (pronounced See-de-men) was not originally on our Bali agenda. We had intended to stay in one of the beach towns, but after reading an article on Sidemen Valley, we decided that this was an opportunity to explore the more real side of Bali and uncover one of East Bali’s hidden gems. We realised we had uncovered one of Bali’s hidden jewels the moment we drove through the small and tranquil settlements surrounding Sidemen Valley.

Things To Know Before Visit Sidemen Village

Sidemen Valley is located at Karangasem regency in East Bali. You can find many tourist attractions in this area such as Mount Agung, the highest mountain in Bali, the Telaga Waja river where you can go water rafting in East Bali, the charming beach town of Candidasa, the ancient village of Tenganan – one of the most unique villages in Bali, the famous Tirta Gangga Water Palace and many more. Sidemen Valley is one of Bali’s secret spots where you’ll find many hidden gems but not so many tourists. Apart from gorgeous rice fields and agricultural crops, you’ll also find here colorful markets, traditional weaving techniques and a sense of community and family that we haven’t found elsewhere.

Finding the most gorgeous and greenest rice paddies is at the top of the list of things to do in Bali for most tourists. Well in Sidemen you don’t have to hike very far to see the local rice paddies and agricultural crops because they are all around you. While strolling around the village to discover its secret spots you’ll have plenty of opportunities to take gorgeous pictures and you’ll probably have to pinch yourself to make sure it’s not a dream because this kind of scenery you usually only get to see in a national geographical magazine (do you remember the part about discovering one of Bali’s hidden gems?). However, if you want to explore some more and deepen your knowledge about the local crops and farming methods, you can hire a local guide who’ll be happy to take you out for an adventure.

One of Bali’s unique sights is the colorful outfits of the men and women. Everyone wears the traditional sarong in everyday life and especially for religious ceremonies. Sidemen is one of Bali’s weaving centers and if you are interested in learning more about the traditional Endek or Songket weaving techniques, make sure to visit one of the local weaving plants. It is a long and tiring process to make the traditional Endek and Songket garments but these traditional Balinese textiles have an important significance in the Balinese culture. You can read more about these unique Balinese textiles and the Ikat weaving technique here.
There are three major weaving plants in Sidemen, Pelangi, Arta Nadi and Swastika, located on the main road.

One of the best things to do in Sidemen is to enjoy the stunning views and relaxing atmosphere. Choose to stay at a place you can enjoy the stunning scenery, preferably with a pool and maybe even with a spa. We stayed at the charming Alamdhari Resort and Spa and loved our stay there. First of all, the gorgeous views from the room and the pool area are to die for. Green rice fields and agricultural landscapes surrounded by mountains and hills, which can get a bit misty in the early morning or afternoon. The rooms are very large, each with a private balcony and a gorgeous view. There aren’t many luxury hotels in Sidemen because in Sidemen most of the hotels are a bit more rustic and homelier. From the boys who carried our luggage to the receptionist who checked us in and offered us a ride to the weaving plant, everyone was so welcoming and eager to help, it was such a unique experience, we were a little bit bummed when we had to leave. For more options, check our “where to stay” section

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