Virgin Beach

Because of its stunning white sand and crystal clear water, Virgin Beach is a well-known beach tourism attraction. This beach is perfect for swimming and sunbathing, and you may hire a sunbathing space near the shore. This beach is commonly visited by visitors who come to the eastern portion of the island of Bali, where they frequently stop to enjoy the stunning pure and natural beaches. Take in the view of the clean sand on the beach and the great expanse of blue sea. The beauty of the beach and the cool breeze from the sea will soothe and relax you.

Things To Know Before Visit Virgin Beach

In the past, the name of this beach was Perasi Beach, even though this beach is in the area of ​​Bugbug Karangasem village which is different from the Perasi Village, because in the past the road to get to this beach was through Perasi Village, it was automatically called Perasi Beach by travelers who came here. And the origin of the name Virgin beach comes from the guest who said that this beach was called Virgin beach because when he visited this beach, it was still untouched and still very virgin, so that until now the name of this beach is known as Virgin Beach. As for this beach, it has white sand, where most of the beaches in the eastern region have black sand, and at this virgin beach the sand is not so white, it is brown, but most people call it white. Because of the sand and the beauty of the beach atmosphere here which is still virgin, this beach has become very popular among tourists visiting the eastern part of the island of Bali.

Virgin beach is located in the village of Bugbug Karangasem in the eastern part of the island of Bali, if you come from Denpasar you can go through the road in Perasi Village, if you come from Lempuyang Temple you can take the road from Bugbug Village. As for the distance from Kuta to Virgin Beach, it takes about two hours of travel, a long journey to see this virgin and unspoiled beach and the results are very commensurate with the views that spoil your eyes to see. Beach tourism objects have always been a dream for tourists who want to feel a different atmosphere away from the urban bustle and want to feel the cool beach breeze, beautiful white sand and clear sea water, then you can’t go wrong, virgin beach is the right choice for you. you who want to feel the beautiful moments. We from Bali Tour are ready to take you to visit this virgin beach by offering Bali Car Charter at very low prices and very satisfying service

What makes virgin beach so famous is the white sand beach which is said to be white, but brown, and because in the east there are very few beaches with white sand, so when virgin beach has white sand, it immediately becomes the dream of tourists who want to swim or sunbathe on the beach. The view of the beach is so enchanting where the clear water has become one of the famous virgin beaches, with clear water, the atmosphere of swimming is very pleasant. The scenery of the surrounding hills is very beautiful, where this virgin beach is flanked by very beautiful hills, where from virgin beach you can see Gumang Hill and Temple with a very amazing view. The existence of a sunbathing area on the beach is one of the supporting factors that makes this virgin beach often visited by foreign tourists to just sunbathe to enjoy the hot sun in eastern Bali.

Virgin Beach is flanked by two very phenomenal hills, on the left is Gumang Hill and the right is Asah Hill, where both hills are equally stunning with very green views seen from this virgin beach. Virgin beach tourism object has always been excellent among foreign tourists who want to enjoy a quiet and not crowded beach with a very natural beauty. In the middle of the beach there is a rock that looks like a small island with an area of ​​about 3 acres where this place is called Gili Biaha which is the icon of this Virgin Beach beach. It is very suitable if traveling with family where you can play sand here and play water with clear sea water, as well as views of the grinding hills and gumang hills are so beautiful. Virgin Beach is indeed a hidden paradise in the eastern part of Bali. So it’s very worth it for you to visit to see the beauty of this virgin beach when you head to the east of Bali

As for the facilities on virgin beach, it is quite complete for tourists, where on the beach there are many sunbathing places with tents that you can rent, very suitable for those of you who really like sunbathing on the beach, so sunbathing on virgin beach will be a meaningful memory. There are shops selling food and drinks here, so if you are thirsty you can buy drinks at the shop on Virgin Beach. There is a place to change clothes, here is also provided a place to change clothes, for those of you who want to swim can come here and change clothes here. The facilities that we think are very supportive at this virgin beach, so it is very feasible if this virgin beach becomes one of the beaches that are often visited in the eastern part of the island of Bali.

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